Chapter ???, Fight ??? (OPTIONAL) - The Gauntlet

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Chapter ???, Fight ??? (OPTIONAL) - The Gauntlet

Post  Stewiepwns on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:51 pm

-- You can fight this fight any time you want, using your current party in the storyline. However, to access it, you must first defeat the optional fight of Chapter 6, Fight 1. --

There are certain beings in the universe of Crazy Brawl that are beyond our own comprehension. All of them are believed to be myths, but in reality, quite a good many of them are actually real. But they exist alone, and never die, but never reproduce. If they did, that would be bad...

Anyway, these... "ultimate characters"... are so powerful, that they were banished from existance long before LuaLuaLua even existed, by perhaps an even more powerful force. As, although LuaLuaLua is now the god of the Crazy Brawl realms, these characters are so strong that their will is even beyond LuaLuaLua's control, so he generally just leaves them alone. They destroy anybody who gets in their path; some relish fighting and demolishing others and go out of their way to do so, while others would rather get by without wasting energy. Only once has one of these characters ever been defeated in battle, and he was the weakest of them. It is said that the person who defeated him was... Well, pretty much... Let's just say he died.


You and your team walk into the abandoned stadium. The sky is black and the clouds a shade of red. It is eerily disturbing to you, but you push yourself forward. A flash of lightning cuts through the sky and pierces the ground in the middle of the arena. LuaLuaLua appears from the ground. "What in the world are you doing here...?! You should know it's not safe after-" He is cut off, as there is a loud rumbling in the distance. Literal tendrils of darkness seep in through the door opposite of your entrance. They loom ever closer, quite quickly, before stopping in front of LuaLuaLua, who backs away to your team. They form a perfectly oval portal, which looks quite a bit like a portal from Portal 2, but is a deep magenta color. On the other side, you can see a man sitting at a table. He takes a sip of something from his cup, before getting up. He seems rather short and harmless, as he wears a black bowler with a red rim, a beige jacket with a white undershirt, odd light blue hair, and most noticable being his gold-plated monocle. The portal disappears as he steps through into the arena. He fixes up his suit, re-arranges his monocle, and clears his throat before speaking. "I do say, what a completely unremarkable place. Absolutely proposturous, this stadium use a good spiffing up from the ole' remodeler!" he says. He looks over towards you and the team. "'Hoy! Would a game of giant robot rock'em sock'em pique your interest, ole' chaps? T'names Henry Hatsworth,"

"Oh, no no no. I was afraid of this happening. I can't even stop this. You must fulfill your final destinies. If it is so that you can defeat me, then it must be so that you can defeat the Supers..." LuaLuaLua says. "I will sacrifice my remainder of power. It is the only way you could have even a snowball's chance in hell of winning." LuaLuaLua disappeared in a beam of bright blue light, and envelops your team. You feel stronger somehow..

-- Your team's health and damage has been increased to 100x the original --

"'Aye! What in the world be going on there?!" asks Henry Hatsworth. You walk over to him "okey noob, lets fite" you say. Judging from his appearance, you can't even begin to imagine how easy of a battle this will be...



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