Tyrell, the Magical Negro (Stewiepwns)

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Tyrell, the Magical Negro (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:28 am

Tyrell is an African American man from the fabled Drakenig Lands, a world of ambient darkness and other scary things where all black people have innate magical powers as well as the ability to summon spirit dragons. It's a lot like Madoka Magika, except with less schoolgirls and more afros.

Health: 510
Speed: 30
Offense: 159
Defense: 154
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLJgscPE93w

- Tyrell, unsheathing his trusty extendo-shank (think segmented, whip-like, elastic blade), transforms it into the legendary sword, Shankemall. With this radiating shortsword, Tyrell slices a single enemy in half. Bad-ass sound effects not included.
- 55-95
- No cooldown

Crimson Mist
- Tyrell flings a razor-sharp marijuana leaf at a foe, which sinks itself into them. Attached to the leaf is a small explosive, detonating seconds after contact; in addition to dealing damage, the marijuana is smoked, producing a haze around the target and up to two adjacent enemies, sapping their life and healing Tyrell.
- 40-70 (Detonation), 25-40 (Haze)
- 3 turns cooldown

Storm of a Thousand Cuts
- From behind him, Tyrell opens many spellbound portals; in rapid succession, each portal sends forth a single, razor-bladed shank. These shanks rain upon the enemy team, dividing their total damage equally amongst it.
- 190
- 5 turn cooldown

Blaze Bomb
- Tyrell will smoke a blunt, healing himself for a meager 30 Health. Afterwards, something unexpected; Tyrell gathers the marijuana smoke produced into a large, semi-transparent sphere of pure drug-based energy above him, launching it towards an enemy with the proper gesture. It envelops them before imploding, dealing heavy damage and reducing an affected foe's Accuracy by 33% for 2 turns (including the turn this move is used).
- 120-175
- 4 turns cooldown

Banzai Ball
- Tyrell stretches his Extendo-shank to its maximum length before wrapping an enemy in it; then, he will gather momentum before flinging them at one of their teammates. Damage is evenly split between the two targets; however, if one target is unable to sustain the full amount of damage, the rest will be inflicted to the other. In the event of only one enemy being present, Tyrell with fling them at a wall instead.
- 75-110
- 1 turn cooldown

Ghettosis Annihilator
- Tyrell will yell loudly for three minutes before knocking up to two selected enemy characters into the air. Afterwards, he will jump up to meet them, before whipping and slashing at them many times with his Extendo-shank; then, a final downwards blow will send them crashing back down to earth.
- 4 * 60 + 20-40
- 8 turns cooldown


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