Professor Heavy (Stewiepwns)

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Professor Heavy (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:36 pm

Professor Heavy is very mysterious. He is known to show up at good times, and leave at bad times. He can be a real helper, yet he never seems to help at all.

Health: 700
Speed: 33
Offense: 151
Defense: 130
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Theme song:

Warning Shot
- Professor Heavy's warnings are not usually very subtle, and thus he fires his trusty revolver at a single foe. However, doing so will alert a nearby Loudmouthed Snoipah, who will join and fight for the enemy team!
- 100-110
- No cooldown

Parting Shot
- Professor Heavy will take aim at a foe, before suddenly disappearing from view. Following this, at the end of the turn this is used, Professor Heavy will re-appear behind the foe he aimed at earlier, and shoot them in the back. Any attacks aimed at Professor Heavy during the time he has vanished will miss. For the purposes of multi-target attacks, Professor Heavy is considered as nonexistent.
- 70-95
- 3 turns cooldown

Wheel of Death
- But wait! Professor Heavy has been planning a new gameshow, and gives the prize wheel he was going to use a spin. Randomize 1-5; if the result is...
1 = The enemy team gains a 25% Offense boost for their next turn
2 = The enemy team takes 50 damage (stat ignore); a Loudmouthed Snoipah joins the enemy team
3 = User's team recovers 60 health; one character on user's team at random is stunned for their next turn; enemy team has all stat changes nullified
4 = One character on enemy team at random takes 100 damage (stat ignore); both teams swap status conditions with relatively positioned opposite member
5 = All Loudmouthed Snoipahs are instantly killed, healing Professor Heavy for their remaining healths
- Varies
- 2 turns cooldown

- Reflecting a projectile attack aimed at him or an adjacent teammate back at a randomly selected enemy member, Professor Heavy begins a friendly game of dodgeball with the enemy team. Starting at a difficulty of 2 or higher, the recipient must roll a dice and match or exceed the difficulty number to avoid getting hit. If they succeed, the projectile is reflected again (back to a random member of the opposite team), and the difficulty number of the roll increases by 1, up to a maximum of 6. This continues until a target fails their roll, in which case they will be hit using the original attacker's attack and stats for damage calculation. In addition, the base power of the attack that is reflected by this move is increased by 50%. Loudmouthed Snoipahs are excessively bad at dodgeball, and as such will instead reduce the difficulty by 1 rather than increasing it if they succeed in reflecting.
- Varies
- 2 turns cooldown


Not usually my job, but...
- A splitting bullet that smashes all foes, but, like always, does not quite what one would expect. The original target has up to 240 Health deducted; this amount is then divided up evenly and doled out to the rest of the target's team. A unit at full HP/zero HP is skipped, and a unit that would be at more than full HP after receiving their share is fully healed before going back and calculating shares again. Any leftover HP after this routine has finished is returned to the original target.
- N/A
- 4 turns cooldown


Loudmouthed Snoipah
Health: 90
Offense: 150
Defense: 150
Speed: 38

I'm gonna turn ya into coloured rind
- Do a attack
- 30-50
- No cooldown

That helmet's gonna make a nice bowl for ya brain
- Lower target's Defense by 10% for 1 turn (including the turn this move is used)
- 15
- 1 turn cooldown

Final Flash
- Destroy the universe with a beam attack
- 600% to all enemies
- 50 turns cooldown


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