Demopan (Stewiepwns)

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Demopan (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:33 pm

Stout Stout Sha-KO for for two two re-fined?

Health: 530
Speed: 30
Offense: 159
Defense: 142
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Theme song:

Loose Cannon
- Loading a cannonball into his explosive ordinance device, Demopan begins charging a shot. After using this move, the user is primed to intrude upon another character's attack; for the next 3 character's turns, Demopan may unleash the cannonball as they move, dealing normal damage to that character plus 10% multiplied by the number of character turns that were passed. In addition, their aim will be thrown off as a result, reducing their Accuracy by 30% for that move's damage calculation. Failing this, Demopan will explode, dealing half damage to himself. If the end of the round comes and Demopan has not fired, he will fire at the original target, simply dealing 90% damage.
- 60-90
- 1 turn cooldown

Scottish Resistance
- It's the best way to protect your Stout Shako stash from hordes of undercut traders! On this turn, Demopan will surround a foe's position with sticky bombs, which prime themselves at the round's end. Once sticky bombs are primed, they will detonate if that foe attempts a melee attack, removing the sticky bombs but inflicting heavy damage and reducing the foe's Accuracy by 55% for the damage calculation of that move. The bombs may be removed by the targeted foe, however doing so will require them to use a ranged attack. Demopan may also detonate sticky bombs at any time during the beginning of any character's turn, however they will simply deal 55% of the original damage to the original target.
- 103-178
- 4 turns cooldown

Chargin' Targe
- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGH! Demopan charges at a chosen foe, building up momentum for a melee attack and gaining 25% direct damage reduction for the duration of his charge. At the end of the round this is used, Demopan will attack with his trusty frying pan, inflicting serious damage; however, for each hit Demopan takes during his charge, the damage of this attack will be reduced by 20% (for multi-hit attacks, each hit will reduce by 10%). In addition, if Demopan is able to finish his charge without being hit, he will shield bash the target, dealing bonus damage. On the opposite side, however, if Demopan's damage reaches 0% or lower his charge immediately ends and he loses 50% Evasion for the rest of the turn. Priority +1.
- 130; 50 (Shield bash)
- 3 turns cooldown

Frying Pan
- Demopan smashes two frying pans together while shouting "STOUT SHAKO FOR TWO REFINED!", creating the loudest sound in the known universe. The resulting shockwave spreads out in a general direction towards the enemy team, internally damaging up to 2 adjacent foes.
- 35-45
- No cooldown

B.A.S.E. Jumper
- Activate immediately if Demopan is launched into the air/becomes "Flying" for any reason; not usable otherwise. Demopan bombards two adjacent foes with cannonballs and sticky bombs, inflicting damage to both. Following the use of this move, Demopan is no longer in the air/Flying.
- 55-103
- 2 turns cooldown

Caber Toss
- Demopan plants 8 Sticky Jumper bombs at his feet when this move is used. At the end of the round, Demopan will detonate them while letting out a battle cry, jumping approximately 9,999,999,999 meters into the air before throwing his frying pan at a foe. The pan hits with enough kinetic force to explode violently, dealing damage to the target; afterwards, Demopan lands miraculously unharmed. The target will be stunned during the next round.
- 55 + 134-146
- 6 turns cooldown


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