Danmaku Sniper [FUSION] (Stewiepwns)

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Danmaku Sniper [FUSION] (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:01 pm

The only form that the true Sniper has been able to take in Crazy Brawl's realm so far, being incredibly weak; however, this strange new GMod Monster is showing to be a unique yet formidable opponent.

Health: 7
Speed: 63
Offense: 185
Defense: Infinity
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Heat: 0
Bomb: 2
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Zrq8FiKS6A
Characters needed to fuse: "Ukxed: The Nermile User" + "Bubbleslicer V2"

Ability: Bullet Sensei
- User automatically "scrapes" any attacks performed on adjacent allies as well as multi-target attacks involving the user, gaining 1 point of Heat for each attack scraped; Offense is increased by +10 for each point of Heat and 2 Heat may be sacrificed to nullify the damage and effect of an incoming attack

Focus Fire
- Danmaku Sniper bombards one enemy with a stream of energy bullets, dealing damage. This attack may only be used on the foe directly opposite of Danmaku Sniper. In addition, the target has a 10% chance to be stunned for their next turn.
- 105-170
- No cooldown

Spread Shot
- A much wider attack that sacrifices direct firepower for area of effect, Danmaku Sniper unleashes a wave of energy bullets to damage 3 enemies. This attack may only be used on the foe directly opposite of Danmaku Sniper; the target's two adjacent allies will also be damaged.
- 60-90
- 1 turn cooldown

Tri Beam
- Concentrate energy from Danmaku Sniper and his two Jarates into a remarkably powerful laser that fires straight forward, able to hit the foe directly opposite of the user as well as up to 1 selected adjacent foe. Inflicts damage continuously until the user stops, consuming 1 Heat per damage roll.
- 75-150
- 3 turns cooldown

Homing Jarate
- Danmaku Sniper sends out one of his orbiting Jarates to smash into a foe before returning. This attack does not require its target to be directly opposite the user and bypasses the Accuracy check.
- 110-160
- 2 turns cooldown

- Swaps the position of Danmaku Sniper with another ally's position. Any attacks aimed at the ally swapped with or Danmaku Sniper this round will still be targeted at the same position, allowing it to hit a different character. Use of this does not count as a full turn for Danmaku Sniper and he still may select another move to use this round. Priority +5.
- N/A
- No cooldown

Smart Bomb
- Counter attack that may be used as a reaction to any incoming move if the user has 1 or less Heat; uses 1 Bomb. Danmaku Sniper unleashes a forceful energy wave that cancels the attack used against him and stuns all foes which have not attacked yet for the remainder of the round.
- N/A
- No cooldown

Overdrive Card
- Danmaku Sniper fires a hellish amount of energy bullets in all directions, damaging both teammates (half damage) and foes alike. Stuns all characters that have not moved yet for the rest of the round and immediately adds 3 Heat. A character with heightened Evasion of any sort will be immune to this attack.
- 130-520
- 7 turns cooldown


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