Morshu (RajorSonio)

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Morshu (RajorSonio)

Post  RajorSonio on Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:50 am

Thrown out of the shitlands of CD-I, Morshu is quite the tank.

Health: 650 (+32.5 [683])
Speed: 8 (+0.4 [8])
Offense: 160 (+8 [168])
Defense: 111 (+5.55 [117])
WEIGHT: 1,000 lbs (1 use)
Bombs: 15
EXP: 250
LVL: 2

Attack #1: BOMBS
Morshu throws bomb after bomb at the foe. Depending on what you rolled is how many bombs you throw! Each bomb can do 10-15 damage on contact, and then explode. Explosions from bombs can deal from 40 to 80 damage!
- Damage: 20-50
- Cooldown: 1 turn

Attack #2: MMMMM Gun
Morshu pulls out a ray gun, which happens to be automatic. He yells into the magazine of the gun, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." He can then fires the gun, releashing a massive amount of M's. Roll a dice. Depending on what you roll, is how many M's you've managed to cram into the magazine and fire! Each M then does 10-15 damage.
- Damage: 10-15
- Cooldown: 2 turns

Attack #3: Flip Off
Morshu will give "the finger" to the opponent. If the foe currently has 400 or more health, he will be ashamed, and lose his pride. The enemy will be stunned for a turn, after damaging himself for 40 damage.
- Damage: 40, stun for 1 turn
- Cooldown: 5 turns

Attack #4. Jack Off
Morshu will masturbate to invisible Zelda pornography! While fapping, Morshu will yell "MMMMMMMMMMM!" loudly. Morshu will also recover 100 health. Roll a dice. If the result is 6, the enemy will be stunned for a turn due to Morshu's very loud yelling.
- Damage: Can stun enemy, heals morshu of 100 health
- Cooldown: 6 turns

Attack #5. Poison Gas
Morshu will emit gas, that covers the entire stage! Roll a dice, and if the result is 1 or 2, the enemy will be poisoned! (10 dmg every turn, for 3 turns) The enemy will also take 5-40 damage from the gas! Roll the dice again. If the result is 1, the gas will stay as a fog for the next three turns! While the ass-gas-fog is there, all enemy attacks have a 60% chance of missing Morshu and any teammates.
- Damage: 5-40, can poison an enemy (10 dmg for 3 turns), and can blind the entire enemy side for 3 turns
- Cooldown: 10 turns

Attack #6. You'll Need More Rupees
Morshu throws rupees at an enemy, dealing 15-30 damage. Roll a dice. If you roll a 2-6, repeat the attack. For every time the
attack is repeated, it becomes harder to roll a repeat. For example, if the attack is repeated once, then you would have to roll
a 3-6 to repeat the attack. Then, you would have to roll a 4-6 to repeat the attack. The attack can repeat up to a maximum of six times.
- Damage: Varies
- Cooldown: 4 Turns

Special Attack: WORTH THE WEIGHT
Morshu charges up power for one turn. The next turn, Morshu will summon a bomb from the sky, which happens to be him! Morshu crashes into the ground at 9000 MPH, covering the stage in M's from the ray gun! Except now, roll the dice, and depending on what you get is how many M's you shoot IN THE TENS (1 = 10 M's); however, damage dealt by M's is reduced by 66%. After that damage is dealt, Morshu has used 500 weight. He'll then bounce on the ground and landing on a chosen foe! The bellyflop will do 150-250 damage to the enemy. That uses another 500 weight, thus in total using up 1k weight. 10 turn cooldown.


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