Ushrom (Stewiepwns)

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Ushrom (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:23 am

Ushrom, officially "Ushrom: The Polite Anti-arsonist", tries to be as nice as possible. He also is very much against all forms of harmful explosives, such as bombs.

yes I know it's not exactly morshu backwards
but "uhsrom" just sounds stupid
Health: 500
Speed: 31
Offence: 19
Defence: 73
Level: 1
Experience: 1000

- Passive ability. Whenever a timed explosive is used, Ushrom automatically, without using a turn, defuses it before it can deal any damage.
- None
- None

Air freshener
- Eliminates any mist, fog, or haze on him and his teamates. It also cures the entire team of any gas-induced poison.
- None
- 3 turns of cooldown

Finger wag
- Passive ability. If a move that is meant to insult or be rude is used by an enemy, Ushrom automatically wags his finger at the user. The effects are cancelled, and feeling ashamed, the enemy user hits him/herself for 50 damage.
- None
- None

Parental controls
- When used, an electronic enemy's mechanic offensive weapons/abilities are negated. Lasts for 2 turns.
- None
- 3 turns of cooldown

Pepper spray
- Deals 10-30 damage. Can inflict a maximum of a Level 1 burn on an enemy.
- 10-30
- No cooldown

Special Attack: Weight-loss program
- Only activate when Morshu uses WORTH THE WEIGHT. Ushrom forces him to go on an intense weight-losing program. Ultimately, it negates the attack.
- None
- One use


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