Evil Chicken (Stewiepwns)

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Evil Chicken (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:22 pm

The evil chicken is a powerful being from a mystic land that shall not be named. He randomly teleported to characters and changed his level in doing so to be slightly higher then their own, and challanged them. One day, he accidentally teleported to the realms of CB. Having lost most of his power, he is not the being he once was, but he's still ready to kick some ass.

Health: 475 (+48, [523])
Speed: 100 (+10, [110])
Offence: 36 (+3.6, [39.6])
Defence: 12 (+1.2, [13.2])
Level: 2
Experience: 0
Theme song: http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=bFZjb2BVcQY
Death runes: 20
Blood runes: 6

Fire slash
- The Evil Chicken's wing's feathers turn rock-hard. He then sets them on fire. While the steel coating slowly melts away, the Evil Chicken cuts a specified target. Roll a dice. If 4 or greater, the target is burned. Deals 83 damage.
- 83
- 2 turn cooldown

Magic wave
- The Evil Chicken uses a mystical energy to create a tangible force. He then launches this at a target. Uses two death runes, and deals 44-110 damage.
- 44-110
- 4 turns cooldown

Ground lash
- A blue tentacle magically comes out of the ground in front of the chicken. It lashes out at all enemies, dealing 22-55 damage to each of them.
- 22-55 to all enemies
- 3 turns cooldown

Dark vortex
- By sacrificing a blood rune, the Evil Chicken draws some of his own blood (-30 to user) to create a powerful energy-sapping hole. This vortex of sorts stays for 3 turns, constantly damaging all of the enemies for 33 damage.
- 33 damage each turn to all enemies
- 6 turns cooldown

- The Evil Chicken grows really big for 2 turns. All fire is averted to the Evil Chicken (Even if dead) while active. The Evil Chicken also takes half damage. Should the Evil Chicken attack while in this form, his attack is automatically throwing three powerful fireballs at a specified target. Each fireball deals 55 damage.
- None
- 10 turns cooldown

Life sap
- The Evil Chicken draws power from a chosen enemy. Uses a blood rune, and deals 50-150 damage. Then, the Evil Chicken is healed for half of the damage dealt.
- 50-150
- 5 turns cooldown

Trick world
- The Evil Chicken uses every last bit of his remaining strength and 5 death runes + 1 blood rune to change a small area around the battlefield into his former world. Regaining power, the Evil Chicken becomes nearly unstoppable! All damage dealt will be twice what it normally would be. If Fire slash is used, it has a 100% chance to burn. Damage taken by the chicken is reduced by 30%. Once per round, the Chicken is given the ability to negate any attack, but taking 45 damage in doing so. Lasts for 3 turns. When this ends, the chicken is completely sapped of strength, and takes 350 damage.
- None
- One use


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