GAWD (Stewiepwns)

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GAWD (Stewiepwns)

Post  RajorSonio on Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:32 am

Why does GAWD still exist? Simple; You cannot defeat GAWD.

HP: 575 (+8.75 [604])
Attack: 122 (+6.1 [128])
Defense: 153 (+7.65 [161])
Speed: 45 (+2.25 [47])
Level: 2
EXP: 250
Theme song:

Lightning bolt
- GAWD throws a lightning bolt at a specified target, guaranteed to give them a "shocking conclusion".
- 80-105
- 1 turn cooldown

Shining ball
- GAWD creates and fires a shining ball of light. This orb detonates with enough light energy to damage all enemy team members.
- 50
- 2 turns cooldown

Rings of Healing
- GAWD is healed by half the damage he took during the last turn, at the start of each turn, for 3 turns (including the turn this move was used). May also be granted to allied characters.
- N/A
- 6 turns cooldown

Cloud Buffet
- GAWD throws a big, fluffly cloud at three adjacent foes, making it impossible for them to see; their accuracy will be reduced by 33%. In addition, these clouds have the ability to slowly drain a target's life. During each turn Cloud Buffet is active on an enemy, 30 life points will be drained, and added to GAWD's own life pool. Lasts for 3 turns (including the turn this move was used).
- 30 per turn
- 7 turn cooldown

Cloud Spin
- Use only when the foe is still under the effect of Cloud Buffet. A tornado is formed from cloud residue, damaging its target; however, the Cloud Buffet effect will be removed.
- 100-125
- 1 turn cooldown

- Basic healing spell that grants a small amount of health to an ally.
- 65
- 2 turns cooldown

- GAWD is able to use the life forces of either himself or his allies to resurrect another character on his team, at a rate of 2 friendly health:1 resurrection health. At least 100 health must be added to a resurrected ally for this ability to take effect.
- N/A
- 5 turns cooldown

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