MSE69 (Stewiepwns)

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MSE69 (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:06 pm

Understandably, MSE69 eventually got bored of banning people from ROBLOX. She came to CB to ban people from there instead.

Health: 550
Speed: 27
Offence: 94
Defence: 74
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Theme song:
Fuses with: "Trollamon" + "Builderwoman"

- Passive ability. Once per three turns, MSE69 has the ability to interrupt an attack of an enemy via warn. Causes the attack to fail, but cooldown still begins for said attack.
- None
- 3 turns cooldown

Summon Minimod
- There's plenty of minimods on ROBLOX. All MSE69 has to do is whistle and promise real modship.
- None
- 8 turns cooldown

- MSE69 swings her banhammer at a foe, causing a miniature earthquake inside of them. 40-120 damage, 25% chance to stun for 2 turns.
- 40-120
- 4 turns cooldown

- MSE69 bans an enemy, stunning them for 1 to 5 turns.
- None
- 10 turns cooldown

- Who says MSE69 can't fight? After all, she needs a basic damage-dealing attack.
- 20-60
- No cooldown

Terminate account
- MSE69 terminates the account of an enemy, removing them from play. Eventually, they get their account back due to wrongful banning, so this only lasts for 4 turns.
- None
- One use

Health: 200
Speed: 20

Sincerely, Minimod
- 50
- None

- 0-200
- 4 turns cooldown
- Has a 10% chance to permanently remove an enemy from the game

- None
- 5 turns cooldown
- Make a specified enemy confused


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