V-Rex (Stewiepwns)

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V-Rex (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:09 pm

I don't quite get this one, even. Nobody does, really. Perhaps the only way to describe it is... A dinosaur? No. Not a dinosaur, although it technically is one. Maybe a velociraptor and a tyrannosaurus rex combined? That's probably the best guess... An animal with the speed of a velociraptor and the strength of a T-rex is surely the king of all things on Earth.

Health: 550
Speed: 52
Offence: 107
Defence: 31
Level: 1
Experience: 0

Step on
- V-Rex steps on an enemy. Has a 50% chance to stun for two turns, and deals 50-125 damage.
- 50-125
- 5 turns cooldown

- V-Rex's feeble arms are rather small, but quite strong. Deals 50-80 damage.
- 50-80
- No cooldown

- V-Rex uses his speed to ram into an opponent. If V-Rex uses this, he will always go first. Deals 25-100 damage.
- 25-100
- 2 turns cooldown

- What do you expect? V-Rex bites an opponent. Deals 40-110 damage.
- 40-110
- 1 turn cooldown

- V-Rex snorts. Enrages the last enemy that attacked him, confusing them but increasing their attack stat by 20. Lasts for 3 turns.
- None
- 6 turns cooldown

Split Up
- unfinished
- None
- unknown


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