THE CRABS Health Insurance, Inc. [STORYLINE] (Stewiepwns)

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THE CRABS Health Insurance, Inc. [STORYLINE] (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:41 pm

THE CRABS Health Insurance coverage includes and is limited to: Arms ripped off accidentally (or on purpose) by a member of THE CRABS Health Insurance. THE CRABS Health Insurance does not cover leg loss, severed heads, pierced torsos, brain implosions, deadly neurotoxin coming out of your ass, or consumption by hungry animals and/or giant humans. THE CRABS would like to improve their service to fit customers as best as possible, so please mail us with your review of our company: (Note: If you write something bad, we will send out hungry animals and/or giant humans to hunt you down. Thank you.)

Health: 500
Speed: 50
Offence: 50
Defence: 50
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Theme song:

Leg loss
- THE CRABS causes the enemy to lose its legs, reducing its speed by 30.
- None
- 7 turns cooldown

Sever head
- THE CRABS cuts off an enemy's head, killing it instantly if it is not a fusion. However, this does nothing if it is fusion. This cannot be used in a 1v1.
- math.huge
- One use

Brain implosion
- THE CRABS explodes an enemy's brain, dealing 100-225 damage.
- 100-225
- 5 turns cooldown

Pierce torso
- THE CRABS pierces the chest of an enemy, dealing 40-75 damage.
- 40-75
- No cooldown

Deadly neurotoxin
- Roll a dice. Deals 30 initial damage and poisons the enemy for the level of your dice roll.
- 30
- 8 turns cooldown

Consumption by hungry animals and/or giant humans
- Roll a dice. If 1-3, then a hungry animal comes into play and chomps down on en enemy, dealing 100-300 damage and healing THE CRABS for half the damage dealt. If 4-6, then a giant human enters and swallows an enemy whole, killing it and healing THE CRABS for the eaten enemy's health.
- 100-math.huge
- 15 turns cooldown


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