Elle [FUSION] (Stewiepwns)

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Elle [FUSION] (Stewiepwns)

Post  Stewiepwns on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:05 pm

Elle (pronounced ehl-ee) is basically a human. A human that is well over 100 feet tall, but still a human. A female human, to be exact. Rumor is she's property of THE CRABS Health Insurance, Inc., but there's no current proof, except for the fact that she always seems to be hungry and their main building is extremely tall, as if it's suited to contain something... According to an urban legend, to confirm this suspicion of ownership, the police force sent a squadron into THE CRABS Health Insurance headquarters, as they are highly wanted for fraud anyway. The squad never returned, and no bodies were ever found after the building was torn to the ground. Of course, this could mean a number of things, and not neccessarily, well... You know. Nobody has ever even seen Elle (and lived to tell the tale), except for one lucky man who was on a hiking trip, woke her up, and supposedly managed to escape via a nearby mining tunnel, which is how the rumors rose. Infact, the only way she could possibly exist in Crazy Brawl is through a powerful summoning spell, seeing as though she is a human. And even so, how would she have become so unusually large, especially for Crazy Brawl size standards versus the real world's size standards? Where in the world would THE CRABS get that kind of resources? Things just don't add up. Maybe she's just a rumor after all...

Health: Estimated to be about 6,500
Speed: Unknown
Offence: Unknown
Defence: Unknown
Level: 1
Experience: Unkn_0_wn
Characters needed to fuse: "Dog" + "Evil Chicken" + "The Internet Stereotype" + "Rats Etan"

Chew toy
- Does not work on large CB characters. Elle chews on an enemy and then spits it back out, dealing 125-270 damage.
- 125-270
- No cooldown

Stomp on
- Naturally, Elle can pack quite a punch if she steps on an average-sized character. Doing so, Elle turns an enemy into a tasty red pancake, dealing 100-350 damage and stunning the enemy for two turns.
- 100-350
- 4 turns cooldown

- Elle picks up an enemy and throws it as hard as she can. Due to the nature of Crazy Brawl there's a good chance the enemy will land head-first into a spiky wall, or maybe fall into a lava pit or something like that. Deals 150-400 damage.
- 150-400
- 1 turn cooldown

- Elle's rumor is well-known for the fact that she's always hungry, as explained. There's proof of this in her ability to catch things in her mouth. Elle picks up an enemy and tosses it upwards. There is a 75% chance she will catch it. Your average-sized CB character is about the size of the palm of Elle's hand, so she need not worry about choking in most cases. However, if this is attempted on (and succeeds on) a large CB character, Elle will choke, taking 500 damage and spitting the enemy back out. Once inside, an enemy has 3 turns to attempt to escape, which is quite difficult. Few options the enemy has, such as teleporting if it even has that ability. After 3 turns, the enemy begins to asphixiate, taking 150 damage each turn. If the enemy dies in this state, then Elle gains health equal to two thirds of the character's maxhealth (rounded up). Additionally, if the enemy has an explosive weapon of some sort, the character can use this and deal major damage to both itself and Elle (Max damage to character, three times maximum damage to Elle). Other attacks seem to have no visible effect.
- Varies
- 5 turns cooldown

- Elle puts an enemy through a series of questions pertaining to the character, and the accused must answer the questions anti-hypocritically. There are four questions. If the foe gets them all right, then it regains 500 health. However, if it gets even one wrong...
- None or math.huge
- 10 turns cooldown

- Every character needs a good one-two. Elle's seems to be particularly effective. Two hits of 150-250 damage.
- 2 hits of 150-250
- 2 turns cooldown

- Elle shakes and then blows up for no reason in particular, dealing 500-3,000 damage to two enemies and 1,000 damage to Elle.
- 500-3,000
- 6 turns cooldown

- All that eating gives Elle indigestion, so she throws up on an enemy, dealing 250-500 damage. If Elle has eaten an enemy that is still alive, then the enemy is thrown up as well, and it takes 300-650 damage.
- 250-500 and/or 300-650
- 3 turns cooldown

- Elle transforms into Bottles the Giant Mole, and begins to dance wildly and uncontrollably. A random crack in the earth appears under the enemies, and they fall through the earth's core into china, and then fall back through, causing the crack to close magically after they return. Deals two hits of 500-1,000 damage to all enemies.
- 500-1,000 to all
- 7 turns cooldown

i really ran out of ideas after attack #4


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